Hydraulic Rescue Systems
Hydraulic Rescue Systems

Cutter RSU 180 PLUS E-FORCE3

360° Handle
360° Handle

Blade and cutting edge shape suitable for biggest challenges

  • high-strength, forged lightweight blades for better cutting performance and longer service life
  • blade inserts made of special alloy for cutting modern vehicles
  • lower maintenance costs (just change inserts instead of the complete blades)
  • with connection point for hose tool
  • battery not included

Technical data

Opening185 mm
EN classBC185J-20,6
EN cutting class (EN 13204)1J-2K-3K-4K-5K
NFPA classA8-B9-C7-D9-E9-F4
Weight (ready for use)20,6 kg
Part no.1093512
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IP-Bag LARGE (for underwater operations)

Part no.1101497

Cutter blade without insert

Weight2,7 kg
Part no.1084723

Cutter blade with insert

Weight2,9 kg
Part no.1081085

Cutter blade insert

Part no.1804724

Cutter blade inserts in pouch (2 pieces)

Weight1,1 kg
Part no.1084725

Information and prices for spare parts and accessories are available on request.




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