Additional Equipment
Additional Equipment

Rechargeable Battery Accessories

Comprehensive accessories for individual applications.
Batteries can be used for E-FORCE devices and battery hand tools by MILWAUKEE.

Rechargeable Battery Accessories
Spare battery 28 V 5,0 Ah fromWeightPart no.
WEBER RESCUE1,0 kg1072893
MILWAUKEE1,0 kg1075189

WeightPart no.
Battery pouch for one battery (without belt)0,2 kg1056921
Belt for battery pouch0,1 kg1056920

WeightPart no.
On-vehicle charger (without plug)1,0 kg1060423

WeightPart no.
Power supply 110 V for one battery0,8 kg1054099
Power supply 230 V for one battery0,8 kg1054097
Permanent power supplyWeightPart no.
Power supply 230 V4,0 kg1060422
Power supply 110 V5,0 kg1060426
Transport bag E-FORCE forWeightPart no.
SPS 270 MK2, SPS 360 MK2, SPS 370 MK2, RSX 160, RSU 180 und SP 44 AS1,8 kg1058128

WeightPart no.
Carrying strap set (1 carrying strap + 1 fixation strap) for E-FORCE tools0,3 kg1078259
Carrying strap0,1 kg1078261

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