battery hand tools and accessories

In addition to the battery-driven rescue tools, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS has a range of cordless hand tools with suitable accessories in its range. The handy problem solvers from MILWAUKEE offer the best properties in terms of performance, running time and ergonomics and strength like comparable cable machines. The 18 V cordless hand tools are compatible with the SMART-FORCE rescue tools with the high-output battery from Milwaukee. The 28 V cordless hand tools are compatible with the batteries of the E-FORCE rescue equipment and convince with a 4-pole motor for maximum performance with a compact design. The electronic overload protection, which is built into all devices, ensures a long service life for the battery, motor and gearbox. This makes the battery hand tools ideal for use by fire fighters. In addition to the battery-powered rescue equipment, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS has a selection of battery-powered accessories in its range. This includes replacement rechargeable batteries, continuous power supplies and battery chargers, as well as battery-powered saws and battery-powered lighting.

Saws 18V

Grinding 18V

Drilling 18V

Special equipment and lighting 18V

28V Tools

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