Frequently asked questions and answers about the new generation of rescue equipment SMART-FORCE and the new generation of cutters.

FAQ General Information & Setup


Which products does the SMART-FORCE range include?

There are currently 17 different rescue tools with SMART-FORCE drive. The range includes spreaders, cutters, rescue rams and combination tools. You can find a detailed overview here

Are E-FORCE3 battery units still available?

Yes, E-FORCE3 and the corresponding accessories will remain in our product range.

Is there a permanent power supply for SMART-FORCE devices?

Yes, a permanent power supply is available as an additional backup to the rechargeable batteries.

Will the new RSC cutter series also be available as E-FORCE3?

Yes, the new RSC cutters will be available as hose tools, E-FORCE3 or SMART-FORCE.

Will the new RSC cutter series also be available hose-bound?

Yes, the new RSC cutters will be available as hose tools, E-FORCE3 or SMART-FORCE.


Why should the devices be registered?

SMART FEATURES can only be used with a complete registration. 

Who should register the devices?

Before registration, the emergency service / organisation should consider the authorisation concept. From our point of view, it makes sense to register all devices of an organisation under one leading main account. Afterwards, any number of users can be activated and authorised to access the main account.

Can devices be registered for different accounts?

No, the device can only be registered once. Once the activation code has been used once, it becomes invalid. However, additional accounts can be authorised for the device at any time.

What is necessary for registration?

An account is required for registration. Afterwards, devices can be added to the account with the help of the TIN (Tool Identification Number) and the activation code enclosed with the device.

Where can the devices be registered?

The devices can be added in the WEBER RESCUE Hub.

When can I use the SMART FEATURES?

After registration, the SIM card of the device is automatically activated. The SMART FEATURES are usually available to use no more than 30 minutes after registration.


How is the data protected?

The data is exchanged in encrypted form between the end device and our servers. In addition, there are further security measures to prevent third-party access. Only authorised users can view data from the device.

Who has access to the data?

Only users authorised who have access to the device will be able to view the device data. In addition, employees of the WEBER Group and service partners authorised by the customer can call up individual device data for service purposes.

Is the device connection encrypted?

Yes, the connection is encrypted using AES-128 bit.

Is the operational readiness of the tool limited in the event of SMART-FEATURES failure?

NO! Even if the SMART-FEATURES fail, the hydraulic rescue equipment continues to work without restriction. Only the SMART-FEATURES are then not available. For this reason, the electronics for the drive and SMART-FEATURES have been deliberately separated from each other.


Do I need my own SIM card to use it?

No, a permanently installed SIM card is supplied with every device at the factory. Activation takes place together with the device registration. No separate contract is required for use!

What happens when LTE reception is poor?

In case of poor LTE reception, the WLAN connection can be used at any time. LTE is only the backup for the WLAN connection and is used for transmitting non-critical telemetry data and the theft mode.

Can several terminals be connected at the same time?

No, for security reasons, only one end device can be connected to a SMART-FORCE tool at a time. (1:1)

Over what distance can a device connection be established?

The range depends on many factors, such as weather, terrain, open space, buildings, etc. In most cases, the WLAN connection established by the device is sufficient for a normal operation site. ATTENTION: The WLAN connection cannot be used if the SMART-FORCE unit is under water.

How is the connection established?

The SMART-FORCE device sets up its own WLAN network to which the device can connect. An existing WLAN on site is not necessary. The device is visible to the end device after about 30 seconds and a connection can be established. The WLAN SSID and password can be freely defined by the user in the hub.

When is LTE used and when WLAN?

WLAN is always the preferred connection method with which all functions are possible. LTE serves as a backup connection for the most important commands. Theft mode is exclusively enabled via LTE.

FAQ Hydraulics


Which batteries can I use with SMART-FORCE devices?

Milwaukee M18 High-Output batteries are required to operate the SMART-FORCE devices. The full performance of the devices can only be accessed with these batteries. We have currently approved the 5.5Ah, 8Ah and 12Ah high-output batteries. These can be purchased directly from us and our partners.

Are the batteries included in the scope of delivery?

Batteries must be ordered separately. This allows an individual set composition and you can choose between different batteries.

Are Milwaukee M28V batteries still available?

Yes, Milwaukee 28V can still be purchased through us and our partners. The supply is still secured for many years to come.


Are the battery protection covers for underwater capability included in the scope of delivery?

Yes, the battery protection covers suitable for 5.5Ah and 8Ah high-output batteries are included in the scope of delivery. The included open top cover protects the battery on the device from mechanical influences and allows a quick battery change in daily use. The device is thus well protected against splash water according to IP 54. With the closed lid, the device achieves a classification of IP 68 and can therefore also be used underwater in the context of a fire brigade operation. For details on underwater use, please refer to the enclosed operating instructions.

Can I also use the device underwater with a 12Ah high-output battery?

Currently, only an open cover is available for the 12Ah high-output battery. Underwater use is therefore currently not possible.

FAQ Smart Features


What are the requirements for SMART FEATURES?

The device must be registered in the WEBER RESCUE Hub and a release must be issued to WEBER RESCUE to activate the SIM card and use the location data. An internet-capable device (iOS or Android) is required to use the other SMART FEATURES.

Must there be a (continuous) active connection to the unit?

No, no WLAN or LTE connection is necessary for the basic functions of the hydraulic rescue device. All SMART FEATURES are only an optional extension of the device functions and have no influence on the main functionality.

Are the SMART FEATURES free of charge?

After purchasing the device, the SMART FEATURES are included free of charge for 3 years. After the 3 years have expired, the user has the option of rebooking the SMART FEATURES.

Do the SMART FEATURES have an impact on battery life?

All functions of the SMART FEATURES in the unit have been precisely planned and reduced to a minimum. The influence on the battery life is therefore hardly measurable and negligible.

Do the SMART FEATURES need power when the unit is switched off?

No, the SMART FEATURES are completely deactivated a few minutes (adjustable by the user) after the unit is switched off.


How many units can be managed?

Any number of devices can be registered and managed in one account.

Are there filter options?

Filters can be used within the WEBER RESCUE Hub to provide a quick overview of a large number of units. For each unit, e.g. the station, the vehicle and a free text comment can be assigned.

Can I transfer my equipment to another organisation?

Yes, a transfer to another account or organisation is possible at any time via the hub. A transfer code is generated for this purpose, with which the unit can be added by a new account. ATTENTION: All telemetry and service data will also be transferred.

How can I add more devices?

Additional devices can be added at any time while logged in. For this purpose, the TIN and the activation code are required, as for the initial registration.

What basic settings are recommended?

During the initial setup, the most important users should be authorised directly and settings for the home location and the geofence should be made. We also recommend adjusting the WLAN SSID and password.


Can I authorise additional users for my devices?

Yes, additional users can be authorised at any time via the WEBER RESCUE Hub.

Can I assign different permissions?

It is possible to map different authorisation levels per device and user. Individual authorisations are available for all important actions.

Who can connect to the device?

Any user with an existing account who is authorised and unlocked for the corresponding device.

Can I remove the access of users again?

Yes, access to individual devices can be revoked at any time.

Who can assign permissions?

Permissions are assigned by the main account that registered the device. In addition, individual authorisation to add new users is available for other users.


On which smart devices does the app work?

The SMART-FORCE app is available free of charge for iOS and Android. An internet connection is required for use. The apps work on both smartphones and tablets.

Do I have to register every time?

No. The app only requests login data every 30 days for security reasons. The use of biometric functions (Face ID, fingerprint) is also possible.

Can a general account (e.g. vehicle-related tablet) be used?

Yes, that is possible.

Which tools can I operate?

All devices for which the logged-in account has authorisation and which also have an active WLAN or LTE connection can be operated.

Which functions can be operated via the app?

The following functions can be used via the app: Safety Stop, Light Settings, Training Mode, Service Dashboard, Quick Test, Theft Mode. In addition, live data from the device can be displayed.

When do I receive push notifications?

Push notifications are sent to the assigned users for all critical device activities (activation of Safety Stop, activation of theft mode, device out of geofences).


What telemetry data is transmitted?

The most important device data is transmitted from the device. This includes, for example, the operating hours, the frequency and duration that the device is in one of the four main pressure levels, as well as position data. Further performance parameters can be displayed via the service dashboard.

What data can be evaluated?

Currently, we enable an evaluation for the pressure stages and operating hours. Both values can be filtered according to any time period and displayed graphically.

Can I see if a device is online / offline?

Yes, the status is displayed both in the WEBER RESCUE Hub and in the SMART-FORCE App.

Are device actions logged?

Yes, all important device actions are logged and permanently available. For example, who marked a device as stolen.

Who gets access to the data?

Only users authorised who have access to the device will be able to view the device data. In addition, employees of the WEBER Group and service partners authorised by the customer can call up individual device data for service purposes.

Service information

When is the next service due?

Both the WEBER RESCUE Hub and the SMART-FORCE App show when the next service is due. Our country-specific manufacturer specifications are used as a basis. In addition, an overdue service is signalled (service LED) on the device itself.

Does the use of the unit influence the service interval?

No, at this time we do not include the unit usage in the service interval. However, we recommend regular maintenance in case of very frequent use.

Can I log my own service activities?

Yes, own service actions can be added to the device via the WEBER RESCUE Hub or the app. These are logged accordingly and it is also possible to upload file attachments, e.g. photos or documents.

Do I see what was done at the service?

Yes, if the device is checked at a WEBER RESCUE Service Centre or at an authorised service partner, this procedure is automatically assigned to the respective device.

Can I view performance data of the device itself?

Yes, live data from the device can be displayed at any time via the Service Dashboard. A tooltip with explanations is available to help interpret the values.


When is the live data of the device displayed?

Live data is only displayed if the device is paired with an active WLAN connection. The pressure display is available immediately, the calculation of remaining time and battery status follows a few seconds later.

What is the maximum pressure of the device?

The maximum pressure of the device depends on the type of device. While most devices are delivered with a nominal pressure of 700 bar, rescue cylinders, for example, only have a reduced nominal pressure of 550 bar.

What does the remaining time indicate?

The remaining time is a calculated value that becomes more accurate as the working time progresses. It states: If work continues as before, the battery will last for X minutes (comparable to the display on a breathing apparatus).

Do the values come from the Milwaukee battery?

No, the remaining runtime and battery status are not transmitted 1:1 from the Milwaukee battery. However, we use performance data from the battery for the most accurate calculation.

Will the data be saved?

No, the live data from the device are only used for display, they are not stored. However, the telemetry data is available for evaluating the use of the unit.

Safety Stop

How does the Safety Stop work?

When the Safety Stop is activated, the device is switched off as quickly as possible. A signal is given (all four LEDs on the device light up) and the device cannot be reactivated within 10 seconds. The deactivation command is transmitted to the device via WLAN or LTE (depending on the connection status). Slight latency times may occur during this process.

In which situations can the Safety Stop be used?

The Safety Stop is used by the head of technical rescue or the safety officer to interrupt work directly in unclear or dangerous situations. It can therefore be used both in operations and, above all, in training.

Why no emergency stop?

Due to the slight latency of wireless transmission, no immediate stop is possible. Depending on the quality of the connection, it can take up to 3 seconds before the device comes to a stop.

How can the device be reactivated?

The device can be reactivated normally after the 10-second lockout period (LEDs stop flashing) using the main switch.

Quick test 

How does the quick test work?

The quick test is a predefined and guided procedure that can be used to check the most important device functions. It uses a mixture of measured performance data and feedback from the user.

What is the significance of the result?

The quick test only provides a rough overview and cannot detect all possible errors. Therefore, if the result is not 100% positive, we recommend a follow-up check by a trained service partner.

Is the result saved?

The result is logged and stored in the service area.

How often should the rapid test be carried out?

We recommend carrying out the quick test after each use but at least once a year. This is equivalent to the visual inspection according to the manufacturer's specifications. However, there is no reason why the quick test should not be carried out, for example, every time the wax is changed.

Does the quick test replace a function and load test?

No, the quick test can only be used as a visual check and does not replace the function and load test under any circumstances.


How often is the location transmitted?

The location is transmitted once every time the device is switched on. The location is compared with the geofence set by the user and evaluated accordingly. In case of an active theft mode, the location is sent once per minute.

How does the theft mode work?

When activating theft mode, a command is sent to the device via LTE. The next time the device is switched on, it is permanently deactivated. The electronics remain active in the background and transmit a location once a minute, which can be displayed in the app / in the hub.

Is location data stored?

Only the last known location is displayed and saved. Thus, no history is available for tracking. Only in active theft mode is further location data stored and can be output as the route of the tool.

How can I reactivate the device?

The device can only be reactivated via the WEBER RESCUE Service team upon presentation of a legitimate reason/proof that tool is with owners. Therefore, the theft mode should really only be activated in an emergency. ATTENTION: Device is no longer ready for use!

Can the theft mode be activated "by mistake"?

No, when activating the theft mode, the user's password is actively requested. Only then is it possible to activate the theft mode! For demonstration purposes, a theft simulation was implemented within the SMART-FORCE app.

Is the device automatically deactivated outside the geofences?

No, only a push notification / e-mail is sent. The user then has to independently perform another action to activate theft mode. The device is not automatically deactivated! The theft mode can also be activated by the user without a prior notification of the abandoned geofences.


What does the training mode do?

When activating the training mode, the device is automatically set to a reduced working speed. Stronger vehicles can thus be simulated. Inexperienced users can also practise with a slower device for the time being. The SMART FEATURES are now available for longer, so that a reconnection is not necessary. If practising at full speed, the device can be switched to High Speed.

How does the recording work?

With the help of the recording function, different work steps can be recorded and compared with each other. The time, the average pressure and the maximum pressure are output in each case. Any number of recordings can be started, but they are not saved and are no longer available when the training mode is exited.

Are the recordings stored?

No, the recordings are not saved and can only be viewed in a current session.

Does the training mode end automatically?

The training mode is automatically ended after 30 minutes of inactivity or after removing the battery. However, it is also possible to switch back to use mode in the app at any time.

Do you still have unanswered questions?

Feel free to contact us or our local partner personally. We will be happy to advise you!

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